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South Carolina Young Republicans need your help

Fellow Republicans,

What a time it is to be a Republican in America! We have a Republican controlled State House, Governorship, Supreme Court, Congress, and White House! Our years of hard work have finally come to a head! We thank you for everything you have given to the party as a whole and for your extreme and concerted efforts!

However, the battle is not yet finished.

This past election cycle has shown us one big thing: there is a movement among the youth of America that is getting them more involved and interested in the political process. Both Republicans and Democrats have noticed this trend and have begun efforts to bring in new members. Across the nation, Young Republicans groups have begun in many states, and South Carolina is one of them! The South Carolina Young Republicans is here to be our vehicle to draw the conservative minded and undecided youth of this state into the Republican Party. We provide an open platform where they can freely express their conservative ideals and principles without ridicule and retribution. We also offer a forum to further their conservative ideas and education with their peers, without the ire of the left. But we cannot do it alone.

We need YOUR help!

To achieve our goal, we rely on your financial contributions and donations to plan and host events, speakers, and activities. From your contribution, we can bring in more and more members to not only the South Carolina Young Republicans, but into the county parties and the state party as a whole. Any contribution, large or small, is both graciously and humbly accepted.

We can, and we will, continue to keep South Carolina red to the roots together!

Thank you in advance,
South Carolina Young Republicans Executive Committee

Please make checks payable to the South Carolina Young Republicans or SCYR.
Please mail contributions to:
P.O. Box 6733
Aiken, SC 29803